“Pearl Van Fleet is an intelligent, attractive female who makes life work her way. She is a problem, and a problem solver. She is equally at home in her restaurant, her new Chrysler convertible, on the crime scene, and in her bedroom. Pearl is a fascinating Southern lady, not the typical shrinking violet created by so many Southern writers. I hope to read about her again.”
Lena Allen, Retired English Instructor at Tallahassee Community College

“Pearl’s Oyster Bar is one of the best books I’ve ever read. The characters are amazing. The plot is fast paced. I would recommend this novel with five stars.”
John Lawson, author of The Tennessee Tucker Saga

“Travel thirty miles in North Florida, and you can go from “modern” to “old South” in the blink of an eye. In Pearl’s Oyster Bar, you will meet Pearl, who runs her business with a steely determination but cushions her love life with a soft heart. You will be reminded that crime does not rest in even the most scenic of areas and that the tranquility and calm of southern traditions and customs can double as thoroughly airtight hiding places. You will fish, you will eat delectable food, you will drink cheap beer and fine wine as you follow Pearl and the men who orbit through her gravitational pull.

You will pull for the victory of good over evil. You will wonder if places really do have names like the ones you hear about in this book.
Ultimately, you will know that under a lot of southern women’s sass lies a lot of heart, soul, and intellect. You will know that some traditions are unspoken. You will know that people who are connected to one another by a lifetime of shared experiences, whether they are “blood” family or not, will defend one another unflinchingly. Like southern cypress, their roots spread wide and hang on for dear life. Pearl and her people will take hold of you too. Now, have a seat at the bar and listen to this great story……”
Paula Kiger, former editor for Ballantine Books

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